Who is Tudor Rickards?

Tudor Rickards PhD, BSc is an author on creativity and leadership in business, sports and politics, and is Emeritus Professor of Creativity and Organizational Change at the Alliance Manchester Business School. He co-founded the academic journal, Creativity and Innovation Management, in 1991, and is Alex Osborn Visiting Professor at The State University of New York, Buffalo.
He is a pioneer and advocate of the ‘Manchester Method’ the system of creative and applied learning championed by Manchester Business School. He studied chemistry and radiation chemistry at The University of Wales at Cardiff. Following post-doctoral research at New York Medical College, he returned to the UK to work in the R&D department of Unilever Laboratories It was there that he became interested in creativity and its role in structured problem-solving systems. He has published numerous books and articles. His current project is directed towards new modes of discovery learning, including experimental writing blending academic and personal experiences.
His recent media contributions include the BBC Radio 4 documentary Oblique Strategies
More professional career details can be found here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tudor_Rickards

Leaders We Deserve [LWD]

Leader We Deserve is the blog which has reported on all matters relating to creativity and leadership since its inception in 2009. Subscription is free, and without need to supply personal contact details.
Leaders We Deserve is a website designed to stimulate discussion of leadership in various fields of human endeavour including business, sport, and politics.

Leaders We Deserve has been designated a preserved and select site by the British Library web archive. Its citation states:

“The individual contributors to the UK Web Archive select websites according to their own collection development policies and areas of expertise. Selected websites are considered to be of long term research value and are chosen to represent a subject of social, political, cultural, religious, scientific or economic significance and relevance to the UK. We also receive nominations from site owners themselves and members of the public.”

The concept behind the blog’s title is that leadership can be treated as a social concept. We create our leaders, and to some degree build them up and destroy them. In that sense, we are responsible for the influence that leaders exercise over the rest of us. If we understand more about this, we may better understand and mediate the behaviour of leaders.

In 2009, LWD became a resource for MBA students around the world, within the Alliance Manchester Business School Executive Programmes.

Its most visited post examined the challenges facing Apple’s new leader after the departure of Steve Jobs.

You can read about the most recent post here: leaderswedeserve.wordpress.com
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